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ARGen 3.0.7 for macOS (14.9 MiB, 688 downloads)
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Active Record Generator for Xojo

ARGen 3.0 from BKeeney Software is the perfect utility to save you time and money when creating a database driven application with Xojo.  ARGen helps you generate hundreds of database classes for your Xojo project in seconds. ARGen is available for both macOS and Windows.

Often the design of the database begins early in the development process – before the design of the app. ARGen features the ability to create an interface that performs the basic Create, Read, Update, and Delete actions automatically. New in ARGen 3 you can now create modules to automatically track record changes, version your database structure, and localize your app.

How It Works

First, ARGen connects to any one of the supported database types which include CubeSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Once connected, ARGen scans the database and generates a set of ActiveRecord classes contained within a Module. Placing the classes within the module helps namespace the classes, making them easier to find with Auto-Complete.

All of this magic comes out of ARGen as a Xojo project. The project generated by ARGen is mostly complete and can be used as a starting point for an app. Alternatively, drag the elements into an existing project to take advantage of an Active Record ORM in Xojo.

Please note that ARGen does not currently support API 2.0 properties, methods, or classes.

Example Project

Chinook ARGen Example (947.2 KiB, 334 downloads)
This example uses the Chinook database and shows many of the techniques used with ActiveRecord.  Also shows the Audit Trail to see what data changed and when!