WebSplitter for Xojo


Web applications made with Xojo have always lacked a splitter control – until now.  The BKS Web Splitter is an interface splitter control with drag to resize for the Xojo Web Framework. To eliminate the constant back and forth communication of Xojo controls, the Web Splitter handles the drag action in the user’s browser and sends an update request back to the Xojo server when the user has completed the resize action. This provides a much smoother experience for the user, and saves server processing that would be required.


cc_structureThe splitter and the browser use a parent element containing two child elements to handle the split. The parent element holds the children for resizing, the children become the two “panes.”  To achieve this structure in Xojo we must use a series of Container Controls.
You will need three containers. Two become the panes, and one as the master container. Design your interface within the two children pane containers, and then place an instance of each child container on the master container. If you are doing a vertical splitter the children need to be side by side; horizontal splitter places the children with one over the other.

page_structure To use the splitter, place an instance of the Master container on a page along with an instance of the WebSplitter control. Finally, attach the splitter to the Master container (using the Shown event of the master container is recommended.)



BKS Web Splitter works in the Xojo 2016 R3.  We have tested it back to 2015 R1 but there is no reason to believe it will not work in older versions of Xojo.

The oldest version of Xojo supported is Xojo 2014 R2 since it is using the HTMLHeader shared method of the WebSDK.

Purchasing BKS Web Splitter

The BKS Web Splitter is $39.99 and comes with 100% unencrypted Xojo source code.


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