File Sheriff 1.3.2

BKeeney Software releases update to File Sheriff their Mac OS X file management utility 

LENEXA, KS – January 30, 2009 — BKeeney Software Inc. announces the availability of an update of their file management tool, File Sheriff

Version 1.3.2 now has better registration clues for former Koingo users. 

:: About File Sheriff :: 
Managing files with the Finder in Mac OS X can only take you so far. File Sheriff allows you to easily generate icon previews, rename your MP3 files based on their ID3 tags, batch-apply file attributes, edit hidden file options, and more!

Long past are the days of having to fiddle with type and creators in Mac OS 9 to get files to launch in the correct application. Today, we’re dealing with a mixture of file extensions and the Finder has that handled pretty well! However, it’s still lacking the ability to give you full control over some of the advanced features files offer. With File Sheriff, set the bundle bit, custom icon setting, visibility, and more of any file or folder!
So many of us have thousands of MP3s cluttering our hard drives, and rely on iTunes to save us when we need to find one in a flash. However, sometimes filenames for MP3s are either garbled or simply incorrect! File Sheriff can automatically rename your MP3s based on their ID3 tags (what shows in iTunes), so you won’t make any mistake which song is which.
One of the most powerful features File Sheriff offers is its Batch module. Batch operations allow you to choose a folder and apply a set of attributes to all files and/or folders within it. For example, you may wish to hide the entire contents of a folder, or change all of the creation dates. However, it also includes a Find and Replace feature which finds files or folders with specific attributes and allows you to change them. For example, find all files with a Red label and change it to Green while leaving all others intact.
Lastly, File Sheriff also offers an Icon Creator. This allows you to specify a folder of pictures, movies, text files, or other compatible media and have icons automatically created for them. The Finder in Mac OS X offers a Icon Previews option, but it’s slow and recreates the previews each time you open the folder. With our Icon Creator, run it once and never worry about it again!

:: Pricing and Availability :: 
New users can purchase File Sheriff for $9.95.  A free 14-day trial can be downloaded from BKeeney Software’s website.
For more information or to download a free trial version, please visit:

:: System Requirements :: 
File Sheriff is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Bob Keeney, or visit

:: About BKeeney Software Inc :: 
BKeeney Software Inc. is a software development consulting firm that specializes in cross-platform applications for Macintosh OS X and Windows.

Bob Keeney, Vice-President
BKeeney Software Inc.