File Sheriff 2.0.6 Released

Lenexa, KS – BKeeney Software Inc. announces the availability of an update of their file management tool, File Sheriff. Version 2.0.6 maintenance update that fixes a number of minor bugs and adds a number of speed optimizations.

File Sheriff allows you to easily generate icon previews, rename your MP3 files based on meta data information, batch search and apply file attributes, edit hidden file options, and more! File Sheriff gives you full control over some of the advanced features like the bundle bit, custom icon setting, visibility, and more!

Manage the thousands of music files on your hard drive. File Sheriff can automatically rename music files based on their metadata (which shows in iTunes). No longer do you need to live with dysfunctional file names!

One of the most powerful features File Sheriff offers is its Batch module. Batch operations allow you to search for files based on a set of attributes and apply a set of attributes to those files.

The File Sheriff Icon Creator takes the contents of your picture, movie, text file, or other compatible media, and automatically creates Mac OS X Finder icons for them. Now you don’t have to wait for the Finder to generate a preview for you.

System Requirements:
File Sheriff is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

Pricing and Availability:
New users can purchase File Sheriff for $14.95 (USD). A free 14-day trial can be downloaded from BKeeney Software’s website.

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