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As of March 2014 this product has been discontinued.

FSInfoManaging files with the Finder in Mac OS X can only take you so far. File Sheriff is a file utility for Mac OS X.  File Sheriff allows you to easily generate icon previews, rename your music files based on their ID3 tags, batch search and apply file attributes, edit hidden file options, and more!  With File Sheriff you can set the bundle bit, custom icon setting, visibility, and more for any file or folder!Many of us have tens of thousands of music files cluttering our hard drives and rely on iTunes to save us when we need to find one in a flash. However, sometimes music filenames are garbled or simply incorrect!  File Sheriff can automatically rename your music files based on their ID3 tags (what shows in iTunes), so there’s no mistake identifying which song is which.One of the most powerful features File Sheriff offers is its Batch module. Find and Replace operations allow you to choose a folder, search for a set of matching attributes and apply a set of attributes to files found.  For example, find all files with a Red label and change it to Green while leaving all others intact.File Sheriff also allows you to add custom icons to your files using Icon Creator. Drag and drop your pictures, movies, text files, or other compatible media onto the editor window and have icons automatically created for them. The Finder in Mac OS X offers a Icon Previews option, but it’s slow and recreates the previews each time you open the folder. With our Icon Creator, run it once and never worry about it again!


Drag and drop files onto the File Sheriff icon or dock icon to view multiple files
Search for files based on its metadata
Edit or remove a file’s complete icon suite
Change a file label color
Open a file by path
Modify the type and creator codes
Set a new creation and modification date and time
Comment and uncomment files and folders
Edit permissions in standard UNIX format
Change the owner and group
Set the visibility mode of a file
Convert a file into an alias or back again
Assign attributes to an entire folder of files
Find files and folders matching a specific criteria
Find items with specific values, and set new properties
Rename music files based on their ID3 tags
Generate icon previews for media files
Lock and unlock files and folders
Toggle the custom icon, inited, and bundle bits
Lock an item’s name from being changed
View detailed file & folder size information


As of March 2014 this product has been discontinued.

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Mac OS X 10.3 or better

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