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“RB Linux Maker” (RBLM) is program designed to simplify the creation of Linux shared libraries which in turn are installed in a REALbasic (RB) rbx plugin.

If you are developing an RB plugin you will typically start developing on the Mac under XCode and then port it to your Windows environment to build the Windows DLL. Then comes the Linux build and you have to build with gcc and makefiles. This is not a terribly difficult thing to do if you are experienced with gcc, makefiles, and the unix environment, but creating makefiles can be a tedious thing to do especially if you have nested folders within your source code folder. The idea behind this program is to bypass the use of makefiles and use this program to dynamically build your shared library with the least hassle.

When you run RBLM, it scans your source code folder and looks for “c” and “cpp” source code files and compiles them using “g++”. It also builds a list of include file locations within your source code folder and puts those paths in the command to compile the file. So this means you can rearrange your code without having to worry about changing include paths. After it compiles all the source files it found, it then links those object files into a shared library.

Price: RB Linux Maker is free. Enjoy!

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