Simple Help Editor can create Help books for viewing in Apple's Help Viewer, in Microsoft Windows' HTML Help viewer, or in a web browser. It can also save your content to RTF format which can be helpful in preparing printed documentation. Remember print?

Simple Help Editor has a number of features to make it easier to create Help books:

You can use a range of standard text styling options, and extend it with custom HTML and CSS definitions.

You can help users navigate through your Help system with hyperlinks to other Help book pages, to anchors within your Help book pages, to anchors in other Help books, and to external resources on the Internet.

Libraries of commonly used items help you maintain consistency throughout your Help books.

Simple Help Editor 5.0 offers support for localizing Help books in different languages.

There are three basics to creating a Help book:
There are many more aspects of Help book authoring that Simple Help Editor can help you with. This online Help can assist you in learning how to use its features.

You can search the contents using the Help window's Search capabilities, or browse the contents to find Help topics that answer your questions. If you really get stuck, you can also contact us via email using the Help menu command Email Support.