Creating an Apple-style index page

Simple Help Editor makes it simple to create an index (or home) page for your Help book that looks similar to those for many Snow Leopard-era OS X applications. To create such an index page, simply insert the default HTML snippet Apple-style home in the text editing window for your Help book's index page. Then replace the placeholders in that snippet with appropriate text and link information.

Because it's HTML, you'll need to use Simple Help Editor's special features for including links and images within SHEHTML sections. Be sure to insert the snippet with SHEHTML tags so that those features will work.

The snippet includes all the formatting necessary to produce a page similar in look to the Apple application Help book index pages. The only other formatting you'll need to be concerned with is turning on the Apple-style links in the Links panel of Simple Help Editor's Settings window.

All placeholders that need to replaced (or removed) include the term Placeholder in the text, image path or link. So you can use Simple Help Editor's Find feature to search for all instances of Placeholder to easily found everything that needs attention.

TIP: The Apple-style home HTML snippet uses a number of default CSS definitions, all of which begin with the prefix she. One of those, sheshadowbox, can be used to insert shadowed boxes like this one on any page. Be aware that the sheshadowbox style cannot be rendered properly by HTML viewers that do not support CSS 3.0 or higher.