Strategies for reusing content

Simple Help Editor offers a number of features to make it easier to reuse content for different versions of applications, and other purposes.

You can take advantage of Placeholders to define different meanings for a term. For example, you can easily accommodate product name changes, version numbers, etc..

If you are creating Help books for a number of different applications or application versions, you may find Simple Help Editor's Glossaries feature helpful. It can save significant typing when writing content for different applications/versions.

QuickStyles let you change the text styling for different text entities. In addition to making it easier to maintain stylistic consistency, QuickStyles can make it easy to accommodate the availability of different sets of system fonts on different platforms.

You may want to use the same content for the Help books for versions of the same application that run on different platforms. However that may require different index pages for Windows-based and Mac OS X-based Help books to accommodate differences in their interfaces. Simple Help Editor makes it easy to change a Help book's index file for just that reason.

Likewise, you may want to use the same text for different Help books but show different images. The ability to designate an Images folder in the Folders panel of the Settings window allows you to do just that. For example, if you had a Help book for an application with Mac and Windows versions, you could have a folder full of Mac screenshots, and one with Windows screenshots, each with identically named and sized image files. Then you simply set the proper images folder for each Help book's settings file.

Simple Help Editor also makes it easy to import content you've written in Simple Help Editor for one application into a Help book for a different application.

Simple Help Editor allows you to designate a page to not be exported for one target or another. Additionally, you can mark a page to be omitted from a Help book's contents list.

When reusing content, it is recommended that you create different settings flies for different Help books, rather than simply editing an existing Help book's settings.

Simple Help Editor makes it easy to create content for a Help book for Windows on a Macintosh, and vice-versa. However it is recommended that you always preview and test the final Help book on the intended target platform.