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There are a collection of optional extra tools that you can use with Shorts.
While these items are incredibly useful, they aren't likely to apply to many cases so they are separate from the main project.

CSV Renderer

This optional class can be used to render your report to CSV. Useful when using report templates (.shorts_report)

Including this class will require GroupItem_PAF, AggregateBKS, and the PrintKit Module.

OTR Converter

This app will help you convert .dbr report templates into BKeeney Shorts templates.

Single File Conversion

To get started build and launch the project. Single file conversion will log problems and errors to the listbox on the main window. After you select an .dbr file it will be scanned for a database connection to convert. If there is no connection information in the .otr you will need to select a SQLite database to finish the conversion. Click "Export as Shorts" to select a destination to save the converted report template.

Batch Conversion

Using the batch converter will process an entire folder of .dbr files. Problems and errors will be skipped over, and a log of these can be saved to a text file at the end of the process. Image literals will be extracted to a directory inside your destination called "Images" - these will need to be copied into the designer's images directory inside app support.

Problems With Conversion

Because .dbr templates don't originate from BKeeney Software the conversion tool may not cover every aspect of the template.
Please create a report and attach the problematic .dbr file if the file conversion was not accurate or failed due to unforeseen aspects in the .dbr template.