Getting Started Using the Report Designer

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Welcome to the BKeeney Shorts Report Designer

The Shorts Report Designer is a set of classes and controls that allow a Xojo developer to create simple and power banded-style reports in Xojo applications. The Report Designer can be used on Mac OS X and Windows desktop applications.

The Report Designer is not available for web, console, or iOS applications.

Help Videos

Watching these two videos is highly recommended to get started quickly with the Shorts Designer:

Shorts Designer In Action
Integrating the Report Designer

Installing the Classes

Copying from the Finder or File Explorer will lead you to discover interesting Xojo bugs with the Version Control Format and Namespaces. It is highly recommend to copy and paste from the Demo Project rather than trying to import directly from disk due to issues with importing Namespaces. The Shorts project is quite large and complex, so the IDE may become unresponsive temporarily while managing everything. It is recommend to copy and paste rather than attempting a drag and drop.

  1. Open the Shorts demo project in the Xojo IDE
  2. Select and copy each of these folders.
    • BKS_Core
    • BKeeney_Shorts
    • BKeeney_ShortsDesktop
    • BKS_Shorts_ReportDesigner
    • Language
  3. Paste into the destination project
  4. Ensure PreferencesModule.AppIcon returns the picture you want to represent your app icon
  5. Use the File > Collect Project Items… menu item in the Xojo IDE to copy the image files to the destination project
    • This feature is new to Xojo 2015r3

Supported Databases

Each database type can be enabled or disabled in PAF_DatabaseKit.Settings. Disable engines not being used to remove the plugin dependency. By default all engines that require a plugin are disabled.

  • CubeSQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • ODBC
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Informix (this requires the use of MonkeyBread SQL Plugin)