Removing FTC

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The drawing methods in the version of FTC bundled in Shorts may cause errors with some versions of Xojo. Ultimately, FTC will be removed from Shorts in a future release.

Follow these steps to remove the FTC dependency from Shorts:

  1. Delete the BKeeney_Shorts/FTC folder in the IDE.
  2. Delete the BKS_Shorts.RTFTextItem class
  3. Delete the BKS_Shorts/HTMLIterator class
  4. Delete the BKS_Shorts.GraphicsRenderer.RTFText method
  5. Delete the BKS_Shorts.HTMLRenderer.RTFText method
  6. Delete the BKS_ShortsDynaPDF.Renderer.RTFText method
  7. Delete the BKS_ShortsDynaPDF.Renderer.PDFCovnertText method
  8. Delete the BKS_Shorts_ReportDesigner/PAF_BKS/CSVRenderer.RTFText method
  9. Delete the BKS_Shorts.IRenderer.RTFText method

After FTC is removed other "not found" errors may turn up in the examples. It is safe to simply delete these examples.