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Note:  This product is no longer for sale.

Simple Help Editor : Power and Simplicity

Introducing the latest in cross-platform Help authoring. Simple Help Editor gives you more ways than ever to create truly helpful Help for your applications. And whether you need to produce Help books for different versions of an application, or to re-use Help content for different applications, Simple Help Editor makes it easier.

Check out some of the new features in Simple Help Editor 5.0:

  • Support for localizing Help content in multiple languages
  • Support for Apple’s Help Bundle format
  • A new Web Browser target (in addition to Apple Help Viewer and Windows HTML Help targets)
  • More options for controlling output
  • Greater stability and flexibility
  • More intutitive interface

There are many benefits to a good Help system for any application. Simple Help Editor offers many ways to help you realize those benefits by producing great looking Help books for display in all the standard Help viewers: Apple Help Viewer, Windows HTML Help viewer and Web browsers (or your application’s own HTML viewer). Simple Help Editor 5.0 also makes you more productive with an emphasis on the ability to reuse help content for different platforms, different versions of an application, and even different applications.

Why application Help is important

If you produce software for a living, including a good Help system with every one of your applications should be of the utmost importance. Good Help has a couple of very important benefits.

Higher perceived value: People notice when you go to the effort to produce a good Help system for your application. It increases their perception of your product, making it more valuable. And that can help justify pricing that’s in line with its true value.

Lower support costs: Experienced software authors know that they can spend as much time on support for a product as on its development. When your application ships with a good Help system, you can cut back the time you spend on support. Customers who take the initiative to find a solution themselves won’t bother you. And for those who don’t, you can point them to the section of your Help content where they’ll find the answer to their question.

Do more in less time

Simple Help Editor has an array of tools that help you work more productively, whether you’re building a Help system for one version of a single product, or leveraging content for multiple platforms or several different products.

  • Create virtually any content structure you need
  • More — and more powerful — options for customizing content design
  • More options for hyperlinks — to other Help book pages, to resources on the Internet, and even to other Help books

Simple. Simple Help Editor is easy-to-use. There are several tools to make adding content easy.

Flexible. Use Simple Help Editor on your Macintosh or Windows PC to create a Help system for either platform — or both. You can easily create versions of the same content for display in Apple Help Viewer, in Windows’ HTML Help, or in a Web browser.

There are several options for customizing the display for any delivery mode. Simple Help Editor can also save your content in RTF format for more easily re-using it in other documents. Whether you build your applications with XCode, VisualStudio, FileMaker, Real Studio or any other development environment, you can incorporate a Help book built with Simple Help Editor.

See for yourself. Give Simple Help Editor a try. Download a free 30-day trial and take it for a spin.

RB Help Demo
RB Help Demo
RB Help
Version: 1.0.0
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Note:  This product is no longer for sale.

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