SmartSQL for REALbasic

SmartSQL is a class created by  We’ve found this class extremely useful in Visual Basic so we decided to port it to Real Studio.


The SmartSQL class is designed to simplify the generation of SQL statements.  In projects that require the use of complex SQL statements, developers sometimes have to use (often convoluted) if-then or select logic to concatenate and generate the statement.  The SmartSQL class eases this process by allowing the developer to use properties and functions to set up the statement, instead of keeping track of a long string.

The class offers flexibility in terms of how to generate the statement.  For example, the field list of a select statement can be specified by repeatedly calling the AddField method or  by passing a list of field names as a paramarray or array to the AddFields method.

The class offers the ability to easily re-use aspects of a previously generated statement. For instance, the class allows a developer to easily modify the where clause of a previously generated SQL statement, while maintaining the table list, field list, join clause and/or order clause.

A Simple Example:


dim oSQL as new cSmartSQL

oSQL.SetupJoin “Customers”, “ID”, “Orders”, “CustomerID”, eClauseOp.Equal, eJoinType.Left

oSQL.AddFields “Customers.Name”, “Customers.Phone”, “Orders.ID”, “Orders.ShippingAddress”

oSQL.AddSimpleWhereClause “Total”, 1000, “Orders”, eClauseOp.GreaterThan

oSQL.AddSimpleWhereClause “Customers.State”, “CA”



The message box in the above example will display the following:


SELECT Customers.Name,Customers.Phone,Orders.ID,Orders.ShippingAddress

FROM (Customers LEFT JOIN Orders ON Customers.ID = Orders.CustomerID)

WHERE (Orders.Total > 1000) AND (Customers.State = ‘CA’);


A More Complex Example:

Dim oSQL as new cSmartSQL

oSQL.SetupJoin “Customers”, “ID”, “Orders”, “CustomerID”

oSQL.AddSimpleWhereClause  “Age”, 35,  “Customers”, eClauseOp.LessThan

oSQL.AddSimpleWhereClause “Total”, 5000, “Orders”, clauseop.GreaterThan, eWhereClauseLogic.Logic_Or



SELECT * FROM (Customers INNER JOIN Orders ON Customers.ID = Orders.CustomerID)

WHERE (Customers.Age 5000);

Using with Real Studio

Download the package and unzip.  Import the cSmartSQL.rbo, mSmartSQL.rbo and cInvalidValueException.rbo files on to your Real Studio project.

Download the project:

The terms of use from require us to include the original documentation and VB class and dll.

The Real Studio code is provided “As-Is.”  You can freely use and modify the code as you see fit provided you adhere to the original terms set forth in the FreeVBCode documentation.  If you find any bugs or ways to enhance the functionality in Real Studio, please email us any changes at

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