Some Survey Results

In August 2009 we sent out surveys to all registered users of BKeeney Software products asking some simple questions.  Most of the questions were just to help us figure out who you are and how we can better connect with you.  We had better than a 20% return rate which is awesome!  I and my staff thank you very, very much.

One thing that came through loud and clear in one of the open-ended questions (what can we do to help improve the products) is the registration process.  Registration and licensing is one of those things that no matter what you do you’re going to make people mad.  On one hand I have to keep the amount of software piracy down to acceptable levels.  On the other hand the more draconian the software protection is, the more it hurts the customer.

Our current licensing system ties a license code to a particular machine and from our standpoint it works okay.  We spend an awful lot of time doing maintenance with customers who have lost their license code or need an additional license for a second computer.  So while it’s working it’s not working well.

Likewise, we feel your frustration when attempting to purchase and to your license keys.  So I’m announcing that we will be switching licensing systems in the upcoming months.  This process will not be quick and will most likely cause some pain and frustration for everyone.  We are looking into ways to make it seamless for you but please be patient.

The first product that will have this new licensing will be File Sheriff 2.0.