Task Timer for iOS

Note:  This product is no longer for sale.

Never lose money again!  If you can’t tell your boss, or your client, how much time you spent on a project then you’re losing money!  How do you know if your estimates are accurate?  Do you have the ability to track your your projects down to the nearest minute or do you guess at the end of the day or even week?

Task Timer lets you quickly and easily create an unlimited number of project/task combinations.  Using our unique exact start and stop times you can show your boss or your client exactly when you started or stopped any particular task.  Task Timer allows an unlimited number of simultaneous timer or alternatively only one-at-a-time.  Easily modify the start time of any event and quickly add comments to a currently timed event.

Feature List:

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited number of project tasks
  • Time multiple events or enforce a single timer rule
  • See the current number of running timers from the icon badge
  • Edit each individual event

Note:  This product is no longer for sale.