Virtual Volume Utility Project

We added over 2 hours of new REAL Studio training videos (for a total of over 25 hours!) to the website today.  In this project we create, from scratch, a VirtualVolume utility that lets you create and edit REAL Studio virtual volumes on Mac OS X and Windows.

The Virtual Volume Utility itself is available to the REAL Studio community free of charge.  The Utility may be downloaded from the BKeeney Software downloads page.  It does have a nag screen but if you subscribe to the training videos you can use the source to compile your own nag-free version.

The training videos use the Einhugur TreeView control and several of the Monkeybread Software plugins.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Videos are available in H.264 and in Flash.  More information about our REAL Studio Training Videos can be found at