Web Edition Video Training

BKeeney Software Announces Over Six Hours of Web Edition Training Videos


BKeeney Software has announced the addition of over six hours of video training material devoted to the Web Edition of Real Studio.  The new training videos pushes the total number of hours of high quality web streaming video and project files to over 30 hours.


The Web Edition videos discuss how each web control works, including the events that you’re most concerned with, and demonstrates the use of it.  Most videos come with a project file and most come with an example web app running on the BKeeney Software website.


Parts of the Web Edition are free to access by simply signing up for the free Guest Pass at http://www.bkeeney.com/create-account.  The Guest Pass gives you access to over nearly forty five minutes of Web Edition specific material and two and half hours of total Real Studio material.


Several Guest Pass Videos for Web Edition:


Getting Started with Web Edition:



Style Editor Walkthrough:



Installing your Web App:



Users may purchase one of a variety of memberships including several three month membership types and a yearly membership.  Memberships start at just $55 and give you access to over thirty hours of training video.


With over one hundred videos to watch there is an incredible amount of material available to novices and experienced developers alike.  To get a complete feel for all of the material covered in the videos, please visit the tag cloud at http://www.bkeeney.com/realbasic-training-section/cloud-tag.


Students and educators should contact BKeeney Software to see if they’re eligible for a 40% discount.  ARBP paid members should check their discounts page on the ARBP website to find their 20% discount coupon code.


The host of your videos is Bob Keeney.  Bob is the owner of BKeeney Software, a software consulting firm specializing in Real Studio application development for over ten years.  For more information on their services and products, please visit http://www.bkeeney.com.